Trishana Pham

Miss Trishana loves being in the studio and always misses her time away from it. She has done gymnastics since the age of 6, and started dancing at the age of 8. She loves the time of year where the dances are finished and the most focus is on polishing. There is something magical about having your piece of art finished and ready for performing. She hopes she can help dancers find the joy and positivity through dance and movement.

Q&A with Trishana

What inspires you?

Knowing that you can create beautiful choreography that can leave the audience emotional when performed.

What song moves you?

Lovely by Billie Eilish + Khalid

What do you love about your job?

I love seeing the dancers excited for class every week and the affection you get from them after it ends. 

Describe Soul Connexion in one word


"The more you shine, the more positively people start looking at you. – Mark Henry"

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