5 Surprising Benefits of Belly Dancing

The timeless art of belly dancing is a fun way to bring spice to your life and embrace your feminine energy. As one of the world’s oldest forms of exercise, it actually has numerous health benefits as well. Read on for 5 surprising benefits of Belly Dancing.

Low impact form of exercise.

Belly dancing is considered to be a low impact form of exercise which means that it works in harmony with the body rather than against the body like some other forms of exercise can. This means that when you execute the movements correctly, the risk of injury is actually very low. When you belly dance, you practice movements that come naturally to the body, and utilize different muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, spine and neck to name a few.

Aid in weight loss.

Belly dancing can actually aid in weight loss as it typically consists of a mix of graceful dance moves choreographed to music, as well as fast-moving routines that can provide a cardiovascular workout, increase your metabolic rate and help you burn calories. Did you know that a belly dancing class can actually burn up to 300 calories per hour depending on how intense it is? There is no doubt that a regular belly dancing practice combined with a healthy diet can be a great aid for weight loss.

Reduced stress and tension.

Belly dancing can work to reduce stress and tension not only in the body, but in the mind as well. The art of belly dance itself calls for concentration and relaxation as you work on isolating and shaking certain parts of your body and this can bring about a state of mental relaxation and reduce the build-up of day-to-day stress.

Improved posture.

Perhaps one of the greatest health benefits of belly dancing is improved posture and strengthening of back muscles. Due to the constant twisting and turning of the spine during the repetitive movements of the body, your body releases its own natural lubricant called synovial fluid. The muscles in the back are also constantly being used and thus toned which increases back strength, improves flexibility and improves posture.

Improved digestion.

The gentle rolling and stretching movements of your abdominal muscles during a belly dancing class offers your body an “internal massage” which can lead to improved digestion. As you continue to attend belly dancing classes you will find that your circulation will improve, and thus so will your digestion. All of your body’s cells will be better nourished and your blood supply will increase, resulting in an overall sense of increased health and energy levels.

With all of this to offer, what are you waiting for? Take an hour out of your week each week to shimmy your way into a new you in a Belly Dancing class! Why not invite your best girlfriends, and make it a regular ladies night!

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