5 Ways to be Healthier This Week

“I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’ll do it next week”. These are the famous phrases of all of us who are trying to be healthier, but not exactly succeeding. Trying to be healthier isn’t easy, if it were, everyone would be. But you don’t have to be a super health freak overnight, or ever. Here are five easy ways you can be healthier this week:

    1. Cook a big batch of grain or beans once a week. Preferably on a Sunday, so you’re set for the week! This creates a definite base for your yummy, healthy lunches and dinners for the whole week! A big batch of quinoa can make your veggie or taco bowl even more exciting!
    2. Bake instead of fry. Baking your food will still give you that crispiness you long for without all the oil. This simple trick will have you baking everything from chicken to veggies while cutting calories and preserving nutrient content..
    3. Eat as many colourful foods as you can. Bright colours in fruits and vegetables usually signify a high volume of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also proven that a more colourful plate is a more satisfying plate to your eye, so trick yourself into eating colourful seasonal fruits and vegetables!
    4. Eat your veggies before the rest of your meal. A good rule of thumb is to fill up on the healthy, nutritious foods before diving in to the not-so-healthy ones. You’ll find that the nutrients in your vegetables will keep you full and energized.
    5. Invest in a water bottle! It is proven that most of the time the feeling of hunger is actually dehydration. Cut down on snacking by investing in an insulted water bottle and constantly hydrating that body of yours!
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