7 Habits of Happy People

Many of us have wondered how to be happy and  how this state of mind impacts our life. These 7 Habits of Happy People will give you simple steps that will make a big difference for you and those around you.

1. Be Grateful

One of the most important keys to being happy is to begin to practice gratitude. If you are not grateful for the things you already have, you will never be satisfied. Begin to “count your blessings” and name all the gifts you have been given. It is a great idea to being to keep a gratitude journal. Also, recognize that the difficult situations in life can become gifts when you allow yourself to learn, grow and become a stronger person through them. Learning to become a grateful person doesn’t happen overnight – it takes daily attention and practice, but it has significant rewards!

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is key to increased energy, emotional stability & physical health. Even if it is only 15 minutes a day – try to keep yourself as active as possible. Choose to walk whenever possible and use stairs instead of the elevator. Investing in a pedometer can be a motivating way to keep track of your steps throughout the day. Create a target step number and be sure to reach your goal of steps each day. In addition, take part in a fitness class at least once per week. Meeting together with like-minded individuals can encourage you to maintain regular exercise and also keep you accountable to your fitness goals.

3. Follow a Healthy Diet

There are so many diets regularly promoted, but for most individuals, eating healthy is mostly about eating in moderation and making healthy snack choices. Attempt to eat well-balanced meals three times a day – ensuring protein intake at all meals will increase your energy and alertness throughout your day. When choosing snacks, aim for fruits, vegetables, yogurt or nuts. Increasing water intake and decreasing sugar intake will allow you to feel more energetic and alert and improve your emotional health. It is also important to make sure that you are getting enough sunlight for optimum emotional health. Since it is difficult to get daily sunshine, taking additional vitamin D supplements is an easy way to ensure that you are getting a recommended dose.

4. Do Things You Love

Doing things that bring you joy is vital to your happiness. Just as you create space to exercise regularly, you also need to create uninterrupted time for you to do the things you truly enjoy. Don’t feel guilty taking this time for yourself – instead think of it as an investment to your happiness. Both you and those around you will benefit from you taking the time to increase your joy as you spend time doing things that you enjoy!

5. The Past isn’t a Blueprint for the Future

So often we feel as though our past dictates our future. We need to be able to accept the things that cannot be changed and also come to a place of peace over the past. At times, this means working through forgiveness – this could be forgiving yourself or another person. Unresolved issues will bring you down, but when we forgive and accept, we are able to begin to take steps to a more positive approach to life.

6. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

As stated by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” We are all created uniquely and we need to accept that each of us is given different strengths and abilities. Embrace who you were meant to be. Comparing ourselves with others robs us of our joy and does not allow us to live life fully.

7. Share your Stories

Sharing your stories is beneficial for both you and those you share with. Just knowing others have walked a similar path in life and persevered is comforting. When we share our stories, we begin to spread hope and optimism to others. In addition, when you share your story, you begin to recognize the growth and steps forward that you have taken, shedding light into your own life.Happy people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about happiness. They live in the moment and enjoy the ups and downs of life. Happy people still experience set backs, but they look at those setbacks as a way to learn more about themselves and to grow. Happiness is not something they seek, as it is a daily practice that never leaves them.”


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