The Benefits of Adult Ballet

I’m sure at one point or another you’ve heard someone comment on the fact that dancing (or better yet, ballet) is not a sport. Well, what if I told you that studies have proven that what ballet dancers do is just as difficult (if not more) than what professional football players do? There are many health benefits to practicing ballet as an adult.With shows like America’s Best Dance Crew, So you Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, the world of adult dance is definitely becoming more and more popular. The question I’m asked most from adults considering taking a ballet class is: Is ballet even considered a workout? It certainly is. Read on for the benefits of adult ballet, my friends…

Physical Health Benefits.

Ballet dancers actively engage every muscle in their body with each graceful movement (especially back and abdominal muscles.) With that being said, this style of dance sheds fat and tones muscles. Ballet is much more aerobic than most believe it to be and actually strengthens the heart as well as improves lung function.

Flexibility is also a major physical health benefit of ballet. Each dance class starts with a warm up to ensure all muscles get a good stretch prior to the class. Flexibility gained through ballet lengthens the body as well as improves posture. In turn, improved posture can reduce back pain and other muscular-skeletal dysfunction.

Mental Health Benefits.

Remember what I mentioned earlier about ballet being just as difficult as football? It requires a significant amount of brain power to gracefully move through typical ballet choreography. This style of dance promotes creative expression, while requiring dancers to maintain both poise and grace.

Classical music (which is often associated with ballet) stimulates alpha waves in the brain which have been proven to encourage relaxation.

Another major mental health benefit of adult ballet is the improved self-esteem and body image that comes with it. Once you discover the things your wonderful body can do and how gracefully you’re capable of moving, you will begin to respect your body in a new way. Fun fact: Did you know that ballerinas usually make the best jazz and tap dancers? They tend to have knowledge of their body in ways that other dancers don’t have.

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