Benefits of Kids Yoga

In today’s world, life moves extremely fast for our children. Before we know it, they are caught up in everyday pressures – whether it’s school, image, acceptance or bullying. Yoga is an excellent coping strategy and stress-management tool for children. The benefits of Kids Yoga:

Enhances flexibility and strengthens the body.

As children are introduced to the world of yoga, they are using their muscles in ways that they’ve never been used before. Not only does this develop strength, but it increases their flexibility as well. As they explore what their body is able to do, they develop body awareness – a valuable tool for all ages! Studies have shown that children who practice yoga have fewer/less severe injuries.

Develops focus, awareness and concentration.

Yoga teaches children to listen to what their body is telling them. The practice requires that they clear their mind and focus all of their efforts on the task at hand – whether it’s breathing, poses or calming the mind. Recent studies have shown that the focus and concentration acquired through yoga often carries over to school life.

Increased self-esteem and confidence.

It’s called yoga practice for a reason. Yoga teaches children to be persistent, keep trying and never give up on their goals. When children see an improvement in their physical balance, it does wonders to their confidence.


Yoga is a wonderful coping method for stress. Yoga for kids is all about being in the present, being engaged and focused, and having fun. Children will learn breathing exercises that lower their heart rate and relaxation techniques to calm the mind.
The breathing, concentration and physical postures associated with yoga are extremely beneficial in helping children act and react to situations in a positive manner.

Great news! Soul Connexion is now offering a Kids Yoga program in the spring. Start your child on the path of activity, focus and relaxation in this 12-week program. This fun and encouraging class will teach your child how to be calm while receiving the many benefits yoga has to offer. Sign your child up here.

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