Benefits of Summer Camp

Summer is quickly approaching – before we know it, kids will be out of school and searching for activities to keep them occupied. The question of the week is what should you do with them? After all, it’s our job as parents to keep them occupied.We grew up in a generation where playing outside was the norm. Going on adventures to the forest, creek or nearby park… quickly heading home when the streetlights turned on. Times, however, have changed. While many children still enjoy playing outdoors, many would rather sit at home and play video games and/or binge watch the latest season on Netflix.

Of course, there are many advantages of keeping our children active and involved this summer. Our children are still growing, and are likely to develop habits and skills that they will carry on in life with them. If they understand the importance of health and physical activity now, they are more likely to carry these habits/skills into their future.

Physical activity promotes health growth and development, builds strong muscles and bones, and increases self-esteem. Moving makes children feel good – end of story.

Aside from the physical component, summer camps aid in independence. In this type of setting, it is very easy for children to discover what they do and do not like to do! They are also more likely to make decisions on their own (without their parents guiding every move.) This is often where self-expression is born.

Many studies have shown that fun experiences (laughter, games, overcoming fears) bring children closer together; creating long lasting memories.

Maybe you’re a parent looking for full-time childcare this summer. Or, maybe you’re looking to enhance your child’s social, physical and interpersonal skills. Either way, Soul Connexion offers a variety of camps that allow children to be active and foster relationships in a safe and supportive environment. We have half-day themed camps that run in both July and August.

Our camps appeal to all age groups (2-17), genders and personalities. Experience peace of mind knowing that your child is learning, making new relationships and (most importantly!) having a blast. Sign up today!

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