Choosing a Dance Studio: Things to Consider

When choosing a dance studio for your child it is important to research your options and ask the right questions. These 5 guidelines will help you with your selection.

1) Values and mission of the Studio

It is important to make sure that your values align with the studio values so that you can get the most out of your dance experience.

2) Certifications and experience of the teachers

The qualification of the instructors is a direct representation of the quality of the dancers. Teachers with degrees in dance, extensive experience in teaching and performing add great value.

3) Quality of the studio floors

Dancers do lots of jumps and turns and it is important that the floors are fully sprung as they are the most bio-mechanically safe for the body and prevent injury.

4) Variety of classes for the students & sizes of the classes

Having options for students to train with students in the same age and skill level enhances self esteem for children. If your child wants to compete, having separate classes with competitive children will set them up for success. Ensuring dancers are in classes with 15 or less students allows for great choreography and individual attention.

5) Customer Service

Being able to stay involved and informed is key to your experience in a dance studio. Having policies posted and all extra fees involved in dance fully disclosed will provide peace of mind. Having regular office hours will allow you to receive the information you need at a convenient time.

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