Embracing Baby Sign Language

While having a baby can be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences, it can also be extremely difficult. You gave birth to this wonderful human being, but seem to lack one major component of any important relationship – communication.When it comes to babies, their fine motor skills and understanding of language develop much more quickly than their ability to form words. Did you know that baby sign language allows babies as young as 6 months old to communicate their wants and needs so they don’t have to cry? Babies who know sign language are much less demanding because they know how to ask for what they want. They are also less likely to throw temper tantrums.

Although teaching your child sign language is not difficult, it most definitely takes patience.

What are the benefits?

  1. Less Frustration – You will never feel helpless again, as your child will be able to communicate exactly what he/she wants. It empowers your baby to be understood as well.
  2. Developmental – Recent studies have shown that learning baby sign language has many developmental benefits on the child. Such benefits include speaking at an earlier age, having a larger vocabulary and achieving better grades in school. Remember, signing does not replace language – it enhances it.
  3. Stronger Bond – It creates a special bond between parent and child when you are able to understand what is going on in their mind. It is a wonderful feeling to see your child from across the room and know exactly what he/she wants.

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