Ways to Start Your Day With Energy and Intention

Do you start your day with energy and intention or do you end up racing through the morning and beginning your day frustrated and frazzled? Check out these tips to encourage you to get your day off to a good start.
Most individuals have a fairly specific routine as to how they begin each day.  Your routine may give you plenty of time before you start each day or you may find yourself rushing through the morning in a frazzled state, trying to get out of the house on time.  The way that you wake up and what you do in those first few moments of your day can set the tone of the entire day ahead.

Here are a few suggestions of ideas that you could incorporate in your morning routine to help you start your day well.

1) Breathe – before getting out of bed, linger for a few moments in the silence and take some deep breaths.  Focus on deep inhales and exhales.

2) Stretch out with a few yoga poses –  Try alternating between plank and downward dog for 5-10 rounds and then stretch out your back with a few cat/cow stretches.

3) Begin your day with good words or thoughts….instead of groaning and saying, “I am so exhauseted,” choose to embrace the new day and claim it. “Today is going to be a beautiful day!”

4) Eat Breakfast – many people put this on the lowest priority, while it should be one of your top priorities for each morning.  Choose to eat a healthy breakfast with a boost of protein that will kick-start your day.

5) Enjoy a Laugh – or at the least, a smile!  Sharing a laugh or a smile is such a positive way to begin the day.  In addition, you may inspire another person to change their attitude and encourage them to smile!

6) Ignore Emails and Messages – you may be tempted to wake up and check to see what you missed while you were sleeping – Don’t!  Take time for your morning routine and begin your work day once you are at work!

7) Remember – “Every day is God’s gift to you, and how you live it is your gift back.” – Leo Buscaglia

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