Hip and Shoulder Tension

Did you know that you experience tension in your hips and shoulders for different reasons? Did you know one is caused from everyday stress and the other is related to anxiety? Read on to find out exactly what your body is trying to tell you…


Our shoulders carry stress related to everyday activities, usually related to anticipation. Examples may include an upcoming interview, a conversation that made you nervous, a work deadline, an email response from your child’s teacher, and so on. When we start to think about, and become consumed with, these everyday stressors and thoughts we tend to crunch our shoulders up to our ears. As a result, they feel tense.


Our hips carry stress and anxiety related to survival. Examples include anxiety related to relationships, family, making enough money, getting laid off, memories and emotions of guilt or fear.

Yoga for Hips and Shoulders

Many yoga instructors will enter their class and ask their students what they would like to work on for the hour. Two of the most common physical limitations in the world of yoga are the shoulders and the hips. When we become tense in these areas, the best way to decrease pain is to stretch and open these areas up.
Who doesn’t have stiff shoulders and hips from time to time? Whether it’s from an injury, sitting at a desk all day, or just plain old stress – Soul Connexion offers a well-balanced yoga class that is sure to decrease pain and increase stability. Come join Nicole for a Power Yoga class to experience a set of yoga postures, poses and exercises that are specifically designed to target and open these two problem areas. You will gain ease of motion, balance and freedom in this yoga class! Register here.

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