How Dance Can Improve Self Confidence in Children

Self-confidence is something all parents desire for their children.  Have you ever considered how dance classes can play an integral role in developing self-confidence in your child?

There are so many ways that dance can build into your child in a positive way. Dance is a form of exercise, like any other type of physical activity, where you will gain a natural boost of energy. This promotes a general sense of well-being and one is often much happier and content after pushing themselves to a new level of accomplishment.

In dance, children are taught new skills often. When they are able to master these skills, there is a sense of accomplishment – one that will build into their self-esteem, creating a determination to carry on and learn more. On the performance side of dance, there is a drive for creating self-confidence as well. Practicing and performing in front of others will bring a new-found comfortability to be in the spotlight. By getting comfortable with this attention at a young age, your child will have a base to work with as an adult.

In addition, dance is a community of children with similar goals, led by teachers who are passionate about seeing them succeed.  As part of the community, children are inspired to excel in their personal goals and also to encourage those around them.  This creates an atmosphere where your child will have increased self-confidence and they in turn, will help others in reaching new levels of self-confidence.

Five simple ways to improve your child’s self-confidence are to:
1. Encourage your child in their creative expression
2. Motivate them to push the limits of what they can do and reach new heights
3. Create opportunities for praise and compliment your child often
4. Inspire acceptance of themselves and of others
5. Provide a sense of achievement by looking back on what they have accomplished.

There is a high value in an athlete having confidence – it is their best friend. It is their belief in themselves and their ability to perform. Confidence is a core mental skill – it impacts a person’s life as a whole. Instilling self-confidence in your child at a young age has no negative repercussions; they will benefit as a child and later on as an adult.

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