Improve your Mood and Productivity Through Exercise

It doesn’t take a fitness expert to determine that exercise does the body good. It helps with weight loss, endurance, muscle building, stamina and strength training. But did you know it benefits the mind as well? Exercising can actually improve and boost not only your mood, but your overall productivity! If you thought that crossword puzzles were good for the brain, you should seriously consider playing a game of soccer!


Physical activity and exercise has been proven to improve mental health and well-being by curbing feelings of depression and anxiety. Exercise releases serotonin – a neurotransmitter in the brain that sends messages to the body to stimulate mood and emotion – which improves the overall state of the mind. Studies show that those who exercise on a regular basis are able to manage their stress more effectively. Exercise is a great way to prevent stress, as people who do not exercise regularly tend to have higher stress levels. If you’re looking to improve your overall mood, as little as 30 minutes of moderate exercise/day can be effective. This can also be split up into smaller increments if need be.


Exercise has been proven to increase alertness, energy, time management and overall productivity. Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain which, in turn, makes one “mentally sharp.” Numerous studies have shown that those who exercise on a regular basis are more likely to get more work done (in a standard work day) than their non-active counterparts. Perhaps all companies should start implementing onsite exercise facilities; after all, it seems to create more efficient employees in the workplace.

With that being said, the next time you’re debating skipping your workout, remember that exercise positively impacts more than just the body!

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