The Importance of Being Mindful

Accepting all that arises in your awareness…”

We hear the term “mindfulness” being used more and more frequently. What exactly is mindfulness? And how does one cultivate this mindset? Well, for starters, mindfulness is a practice in which we learn to consciously (and purposely!) live in the present moment, without reactivity or distraction. Essentially, mindfulness is an extremely powerful tool used to increase self-awareness.

It doesn’t take an expert to determine that practicing mindfulness has many, many positive effects on one’s mental health and well-being. Aside from living a more satisfied life, the following benefits are a result of this practice:

You become your best self.

You are no longer defined by your fears, your dreams and your failures. Instead of getting caught up in superficial/unimportant thoughts, you are able to discover your genuine self. It is often reported that individuals recognize more blessings (that they previously missed before practicing mindfulness.)

Experience better personal relationships.

Being mindful will increase your awareness and desire to understand others. Mindfulness will result in more effective communication, increased empathy and compassion, and more conscious decisions.

Become more accepting (of yourself, and others.)

Mindfulness makes you understand (and appreciate) that things simply are the way they are. Accept them, and let them be. No judgment. Never beat yourself up – just be conscious and purposeful.

Treat mental health issues.

Practicing mindfulness has been a huge breakthrough in regards to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other disorders. While people often deal with their issues with aversion and avoidance, mindfulness would suggest doing otherwise. Accept issues as they are (negative, and all) and move along.

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