Three Reasons Why Couples Should Workout Together

You go out for dinner together, religiously watch your favourite show on Netflix together, and you’re each other’s number one snuggle buddy. But have you considered working out together? Studies prove that couples that sweat together, stay together and here are three reasons why couples should workout together:Working out together will increase your happiness in your relationship
Chances are you lead a busy lifestyle and, sometimes, this busy lifestyle gets in the way of special time with your significant other. Sure, you have your weekly date night and you’d never miss the next episode of Orange is the New Black. But what if you could do all of that after you trained together?

Studies show that working together towards your fitness goals will not only challenge you, but will also challenge your relationship in the best way possible. Couples who work out together have reported feeling more satisfied in all aspects of their relationship.

Working out together will help you achieve your fitness goals and have more efficient workouts in general.
When you have a constant companion to share the highest of highs and the lowest of lows of your workout, reaching your fitness goals suddenly becomes more fun, easy and rewarding. Couples who care about each other’s fitness goals tend to want to push each other to meet those goals. This will motivate you to push yourself through a tough workout. After all, you have someone cheering you on!

Working out together will increase your emotional bond.
Without even knowing it, working out will increase the bond you two share. Even if you think the bond can’t get any stronger, join a fitness class with the love of your life and you will be proven wrong. Something as simple as syncing your steps while running or doing that 50th sit up together will create a rhythm in not only your movement, but also your strongly beating heart; both from that strenuous workout and the love you have for your significant other. Nonverbal mimicry helps couples feel attuned with each other, as if they are one.

So whether you are a fitness guru or just starting out, join an adult fitness class, boot camp, or go for nightly strolls together. It will not only improve your fitness, but also your relationship!

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