Three Ways to Build Confidence in Young Girls

In this day and age, confidence seems to be lacking in young girls across the nation. Our impressionable youth are constantly exposed to unrealistic images and stereotypes of what is considered “beautiful,” and somewhere between the models and child stars, self-worth gets lost.

Imagine your daughter looking at posters of Hilary Duff, with her beautiful hair, perfect white teeth and slim body – believing she is not worthy of self-love. This scenario is all too common across the nation, but it’s never too early to nip this lack of self-esteem in the bud. Three ways to build confidence in young girls:Provide opportunities for your child to succeed
Children aren’t aware of how capable they are. In order to build your daughter’s confidence and awareness of just how fabulous she is, set her up for success by enrolling her in activities she enjoys. Giving your child an opportunity to see how powerful and talented she is, will not only give her confidence in that activity, but in her life in general. She will continue to pursue and practice skills that she believes she is successful in, which is nothing short of a positive experience. Many teens and young women attribute their self-confidence to their parents’ ability to consistently set them up for success.

Encourage an active lifestyle
There are countless articles proving that physical activity teaches children to be themselves; which leads to true self-confidence. Poor self-esteem stems from doubting one’s abilities. When your daughter is encouraged to push her limits, that poor self-esteem she once had will then be transformed beaming self-confidence. One sport in particular that aids to self-confidence in young girls is the powerful sport of dance. Many of our senior dancers will attribute their success to dance and the benefits of this active lifestyle.

There is no “I” in “Team”
Part of the self-confidence gained in living an active lifestyle, stems from the relationships built with my fellow teammates. Being part of a dance team not only teaches girls how to be accountable for their actions and work well with others, but also that the energy in a team goes a long way. Your daughters dance family will certainly go a long way in reassuring self-worth. After all, there is certainly no “I” in team.

Written by: Maria Dardano

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