Year End Recital Tickets

Year End Recital Tickets On Sale April 1Year End Recital tickets are on Sale April 1, 2014. Annual Dancers may purchase 6 tickets in the month of April or 8 per family. Additional sets of 2 will be released May 1 to 5 all remaining tickets go on sale May 6 with no maximums. Tickets are $18 per person, every person over the age of 2 must have a ticket. Purchase tickets at the studio during office hours.

Showcases are at Symons Valley Church in Kincora. Showcases are on Saturday June 14, and June 21 at 12:00 and 4:00 p.m. Please view our showcase schedule listed under Annual Dance / Current student. Please e-mail the studio at with your name and class if you wish to have the password to access this page.

Please see our Studio Calendar to view all our important dates.

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