Top 3 Reasons to Stay Active this Summer

Staying active shouldn’t just happen in the winter to look good for summer; there are actually some huge health benefits to continue physical activity throughout the summer as well. Promoting physical activity to your children will also help you to be active.

1. An active kid makes for an active adult

If your child gets in the habit of being active as a kid, they will continue to have the same mindset as they grow up. Healthy children are proven to be able to manage stress and anxiety better, have a higher self-esteem, demonstrate improved sleeping habits, and concentrate and perform better in school.

2. Boost your mental and physical health long term

Staying active regularly will help you live longer. Exercise lowers your cholesterol, and you are less likely to have a stroke, heart attack, or develop diabetes. It helps prevent muscle and bone loss as you age as well as helps fight depression. A healthy body is a healthy brain!

3. Physical activity is great for your body now

Among boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight and keeping it off, physical activity enhances your immune system. It helps you balance and control blood lipids, helps your body fight off harmful diseases and improves your mood.

Find your motivation and make exercise a habit! You won’t regret it!

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