Why Boys Should Dance

Traditionally, dance classes have been filled primarily with girls. While this still may be the case, we are seeing more and more boys coming through the studio and we couldn’t be more thrilled. They’re on the right track, as there are many benefits (mentally and physically) for boys who hit the dance floor.
Did you know that boys who dance tend to be more accepting of change? Read on for your top 5 reasons why boys should dance…

Strength & Coordination

Aside from general conditioning, dancing provides strength and coordination, which in the long run, develops strong, healthy bodies. It teaches them body awareness, including how to move their bodies in abstract ways, and how to shift their own weight. These benefits can help boys excel in sports and everyday life.

Self Expression

Boys who dance are better able to express their emotions and tend to be more accepting of change and new ideas. Soul Connexion is a place boys can come to express themselves (without judgment, of course) and are better able to process they are feeling.

Self Confidence & Growth

Dancers are placed in challenging situations on the regular. Your little man may be embarrassed he is the only boy in the class, or nervous to perform on stage. While these situations are not within his comfort zone, the more uncomfortable he is, the more he is growing. He will soon develop a sense of self-confidence that is undeniable.

Team Building Skills

Think dancing is an individual sport? Think again! Students are always working together as a team, supporting each other. This skill is transferrable to every single aspect of life, and can teach children at a very early age how to deal with different personality types.

Mental Strength

Boys who dance surely know that it requires dedication and perseverance. They quickly learn the importance of being positive and always giving 100%.

What are you waiting for? Enroll your boys in any of our seasonal or annual classes and experience the benefits firsthand! While we welcome boys in any of our classes, due to popular demand, we have added Boogie Boys to our schedule (a boys-only variety class for children ages 3-5.)

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