Why Dancers Should Do Yoga

As a dancer, one of the most rewarding feelings is that of improvement, or finally getting down the step that you have been struggling to master. There are lots of different methods and approaches to become a better dancer- and one of those methods is actually yoga! All dancers- regardless of the type of dancer, has a lot to gain from a regular yoga practice.4 reasons why dancers should do yoga:

Increased Balance

Yoga contains an abundance of different stretching and strengthening poses. The strength poses are a great way for dancers to build power within their muscles, and promote stability within their legs. This is a huge benefit for dancers looking to build strength within their standing leg, and promote more control and sustainability within their dancing! All dancers know how important it is to have a strong core, which is exactly what practicing yoga does! When a dancer has a strong core, they will find that they have an increased stability in movement and are able to hold different dance poses and positions a lot longer.

Increased Flexibility

Every dancer is on a constant quest to become more flexible. When a dancer allows them self to do yoga poses that focus on certain areas of the body that can become tight, it allows the dancer to become more fluid by opening up their tight areas and promoting length within their muscles. No matter where a dancer is having problems, yoga can provide that dancer with a way to safely increase their flexibility, all while ensuring that the body is less prone to injury. Every dancer knows that with flexibility comes the feeling of being more free, confident and comfortable within your body, thus allowing them to take their dancing to the next level by being able to freely move their body without any constrictions and limitations.

Peace of Mind

It is well known that yoga is an excellent way to give yourself a break from day to day stresses while allowing your body and mind to relax. Practicing yoga also lowers the heart rate and decreases blood pressure. Sometimes as dancers, it is easy to become frustrated: when you have a bad day in class, when you just can’t get your choreography down no matter how many times you try it, or when you just can’t get your across the floor exercise from the left side- to name a few. Practicing yoga and meditation will allow you to let go of negative feelings and emotions such as anger and stress, and promote more positive thinking and calmness within your being.

Increased Body Awareness

When you practice yoga, you become more aware of yourself and everything going on in the world around you. As a dancer, one of the most important traits that you strive for is body awareness. When you allow yourself to get to know your body better, you begin to understand and accept your body and all of the amazing things that it can do- one of those things being dancing! The slower pace of a yoga class will allow you to pinpoint areas of the body that may need more training and correct habits that you may have gained over time while allowing you to move your body with more precision.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, yoga will prove to be beneficial to your body and mind.

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