Why Every Teen Should Do Yoga

By now, most of us know that yoga builds strong muscles, increases flexibility and does wonders for one’s mental health and wellbeing. But this practice has more benefits than one may expect… especially for teens! Read on for why every teen should do yoga:

It can help them become more confortable with WHO they are.

At this age, their bodies are constantly changing, and practicing yoga can actually help teens feel more comfortable with these unfamiliar changes. The practice of yoga cultivates a sense of awareness and self -acceptance within. They will quickly learn that the body is much more capable that we give it credit for.

Hitting the mat will help teens focus on what their bodies can do, as opposed to what they can’t. After all, yoga is all about gratitude for what our bodies are capable of. It’s also about self-respect, kindness and compassion.

It can become a healthy coping-mechanism or stress reliever.

Yoga focuses on breath. Learning to draw attention to the breath, in both yoga and in everyday situations, is an extremely valuable coping mechanism.

Perhaps your teen is stressed out because of midterms, or unable to sleep. They can apply the breathing techniques learning in yoga to calm the nervous system. There are also an array of postures and poses that help with anxiety, tension and stress.

It teaches them that it’s okay to move at their own pace.

Everybody. Is. Different.

Practicing yoga helps teens grasp the concept that life is not a competition and it is not a race. Everybody is going to move at a different pace and, regardless of pace, they are good enough. It’s called a practice for a reason;

It’s a healthy way for them to experience, take risks.

I’m sure most parents would agree that they would rather their child experience and take risks with yoga, as opposed to tattoos, drinking and/or drugs. At this age, teens want to take risks and try new things. What better way?!


Sign your child up for our Teen Yoga class and you won’t be disappointed!

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