Inspire growth
and bring your team together

Our Corporate Wellness program was designed with the mission to inspire growth and to bring your team together beyond the day-to-day office environment. What we teach goes beyond the four walls of the office, extending into the community and enhancing your employee’s overall health.

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Get out of the office and get moving in a fresh and fun atmosphere

Beyond team building, our Corporate Wellness program focuses on team dynamics, personal development, education, and communication. Incredible breakthroughs happen when your employees are moving and brought out of their everyday working environment.

Our professional team of movement and communication experts will conduct a brief assessment to develop a unique program tailored to your employee’s needs. As a collaborative effort, we work with you to target specific objectives within the organization that you want fulfilled.

Experience the benefits of health and wellness in your company
Why Soul Connexion?

We are the only studio in Calgary that combines dance, yoga, and fitness. Our space was established with the mission to promote the importance of health and wellness for corporations and schools in the community.

Our variety of unique class options allow you to customize programs specific to your organization’s needs, including yoga for relaxation or fitness classes to make your team sweat.

Quality instruction from a passionate and knowledgable team

Soul Connexion’s founder Cara Poppitt has been working with teams and companies for the past 7 years, developing fitness and training programs for corporations and schools. Her combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus on health psychology provides a unique and diverse approach to corporate wellness.

Along with our professional team of movement experts, Soul Connexion has been serving corporations and the school districts with onsite instruction of our engaging and fun programs.

The importance of
Corporate Wellness in your company

There is no denying the extensive research that points to the incredible benefits that companies enjoy when wellness is incorporated within their team. Among some of the advantages, wellness programs are proven to:

  • Improve overall employee health habits
  • Reduce serious health risks
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Sustain high employee morale
  • Improve employee recruitment and retention
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism

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