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Students are immersed in a journey of the arts in Soul Connexion’s active school programs. We offer a wide range of dance, yoga, and fitness classes for daycares, preschools, and school grades K-12. Our passionate team of certified instructors will lead your students to reach new levels of success with a customized program for your school.

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Our unique school program delivers high-quality instruction in the form of different dance styles that promote core stability, muscle memory, and a full-body workout. Students learn technical skills while improving their memorization and are given the tools to create their own choreography.

Soul Connexion believes in health and wellness both physically and internally. Building on the physical aspect, students will also learn how to move their bodies as an expression of oneself, cultures, experiences, and emotions.

Customized programs
Reach new levels of success

K-12 School Programs

Our professional team of passionate and positive instructors is trained and familiar with the curriculum for both private and public schools in Alberta. Our classes are designed and conducted accordingly in reference to the school curriculum.

We offer age-appropriate school programs for students K-12 where they will learn and experiment with new moves, self-reflect internally, and understand the meaning of dance through observation.

Our diverse team of choreographers exposes students to different styles, energy, and encourages them to improve their overall level of performance.

Preschool Programs

If you’re looking for something new and fun for your students at your preschool or day home, Soul Connexion can come to you!

We create a fun and inspiring experience for your preschoolers with a wide variety of age-appropriate yoga and dance classes.

Your clients will love hearing about the great time their child had grooving and moving in a dance class or relaxing in yoga!

School Programs In Calgary
Why Soul Connexion

With our unique approach to overall health and wellness, our school programs have seen amazing results in fostering a thriving community, encouraging self-confidence, and improving cognitive skills in students.

Our program is not only fun and engaging, it also builds skills within the school walls that extends outside of it through our company core values: Kindness, Passion, Positivity, Community, Creativity & Authenticity.

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