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Ballet classes for all ages

How to get started with Ballet
Ballet is the foundation of dance

Building a solid foundation in ballet provides dancers with a solid foundation to excel in all styles of dance. By learning control, discipline, grace, and alignment dancers will be set up for success to enjoy all that dance has to offer.


Our recreational classes are offered to inspire and keep children active in a fun and upbeat environment. With several dance styles to choose from we are sure we have something that your child will enjoy. Our programs are offered from September to June and our dancers enjoy a year-end recital. We have two viewing days throughout the year for parents to enjoy.


Our pre-competitive dance team offers more performance experiences throughout the year as they participate in at least 1 performance in a Seniors home, Alberta Children’s hospital, Harlem Globetrotters, or a community event. They also participate in a Gala recital and year-end showcase. Students are required to take a minimum of two classes, with one being ballet to help develop their technique.


Our competitive dance team trains more hours with three being our minimum and most train 6-8 hours per week allowing them to reach new levels of growth. By participating in four competitions, two performances, and two showcases these dancers experience dedication, determination, and bonding. Students are required to take a minimum of three dance classes, with one being ballet and technique.

Beauty of Ballet
Building technique to shine

Ballet is the art of movement through grace and fluidity and where all foundation of dance technique begins. Our certified ballet instructors focus on improving body alignment, flexibility, and strength. Each class teaches proper technique and developing accurate posture, incorporating conditioning and across the floor routines. Ballet training is mandatory for all students participating in competition. Exam classes are also offered in all levels and are by invite and auditions only.


Why Ballet is important for all dancers
Loving what it offers

We follow the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Syllabus for our ballet classes. Our ballet classes are designed to inspire our dancers through learning proper technique, style, and grace that can be applied in all other styles of dance. Ballet teaches dancers to have proper posture, alignment, body awareness, and appreciation. Working hard in ballet is a discipline that always pays off.

Dancers also have the opportunity to participate in ballet exams and work towards achieving a specific goal

Dancers are required to take at least two ballet classes per week to participate in an exam. Dance is an incredible art that has no destination. We are always improving, learning, and growing. Ballet allows us to challenge our mind and body by learning set syllabus, working through our muscles, and achieving new heights. Every time our dancers go to the barre they are preparing to challenge themselves and celebrate their hard work in ballet.

We offer ballet for dancers starting at age 3 and also offer seasonal adult ballet classes. We know that once a dancer, always a dancer and our dance floor is welcome to all.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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