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Boogie Boys dance classes

How to get started with Boogie Boys
Get grooving with Boogie Boys dance classes

When you have a preschool-aged boy that likes to boogie and bust a move, this is the perfect experience for your boy. This all-boys dance class teaches coordination, style, and isolation in this fun program exclusively for boys 3-5 yrs of age.

Spark your dancer's mind
and set their bodies in motion

A class specially designed for your energetic dancer! This boys-only class combines hip hop, jazz, and creative movement in a fun and supportive environment. Our passionate instructors create an atmosphere where boys feel comfortable learning new dance skills while making new friends along the way. Your little one will experience what it’s like to be a part of a team, all while learning cool dance moves that he can’t wait to show his friends.


Introduce your dancer to a healthy
and active lifestyle right from the start!

Boogie Boys is open to boys 3-5 years of age. If you have a boy that loves to boogie, let your boy enjoy a dance class for boys only. This class is the perfect way to introduce your boy to movement and music in a fun and encouraging environment. Basic Jazz and Hip-Hop steps will be taught focusing on active body placement and awareness. The dance classes will finish with games and fun for all the dancers to enjoy.

Why boys should dance

Dance not only improves coordination, athleticism, and confidence but it makes them stand taller and prouder. Our all-boys dance classes are highly successful and most popular as they are designed exclusively for boys. We understand how boys learn and what they need to feel empowered. Spark their mind and set their bodies in motion in our all-boys dance classes.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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