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Find yourself through self reflection

Enjoy exploring new levels of lines, creativity, and expression in our Contemporary classes. Explore making abstract art to music through new ways for movement. Dancers must be in ballet in order to participate in contemporary as technique from ballet is required for the dancer to enjoy this style.

Enjoy a range of movements,
versatility and style

Contemporary dance is all about self-expression, abstract lines, and dancing outside of the box. Combining different elements of dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and ballet, this style of dance is known for its versatility and style. Dancers focus on floor work, spacial techniques, and improvisation. Perfect for students who are looking to explore different body movements outside of formal technique.


Let movement
guide your creativity

Combine technique and exploration with style, and you have Contemporary. This popular style of dance is about self-expression, creativity, and abstract lines. Dancers who enjoy dancing “outside of the box” while combining different elements of dance genres will blossom and excel in this class.

Each step creates different movements, interpretations, and expressions. Contemporary dancing is a dancer’s opportunity to break technical lines and enjoy a range of movements to discover their artistry.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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