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DanceNastics classes for all ages

Our signature DanceNastics program
Designed for dancers, inspired by gymnastics

We understand that kids love variety and want to try it all. Our Dancenastics program is a combination class including the rhythm and movement style of Jazz and Ballet while incorporating artistic gymnastics.

The goal is to introduce children to both dance and floor gymnastics, bringing the best to them. Enjoy this perfect combination for children starting at age 3 in our Tiny Tumblers class and progressing to Pre Primary, Primary, Jr, Pre Competitive, and Intermediate classes.

Love for Dance, and also Gymnastics?
Incorporate strength training with flexibility

Enjoy the perfect combination of dance and gymnastics in our DanceNastics class. Students learn coordination, body control, and increased strength in this fun and active class. Each class focuses on improving various gymnastic techniques including handstands, walkovers, cartwheels, somersaults, tumbles, bridges, and more while incorporating basic dance and floor work. Our certified DanceNastics instructors ensure a safe environment where students can practice and build on their skills.


Dancenastics is so much fun
Let your child enjoy this style

If your child likes to do cartwheels, bridges and also loves to dance, this will be their perfect class. Our signature program designed with the basics of floor gymnastics and Jazz syllabus allows dancers to experience both in one class. Our qualified and certified instructors use a variety of games and activities to keep the dancers engaged while keeping the focus on developing skills.

Dancenastics is for every child that likes tricks

If your dancer likes to do handstands, cartwheels, bridges, and wants to do flips but does not enjoy all of the equipment in gymnastics, this class will be ideal. Our program incorporates strength training with flexibility allowing dancers to get the most benefit in class. We offer Tiny Tumblers starting at age 3 and offer Dancenastics up to the Intermediate Level. We also offer a full Acrobatic class following the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus for dancers to master tricks to incorporate into their dancing.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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