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Hip Hop dance classes for all ages

How to get started with Hip Hop
Bust a move and feel free

Hip Hop is all about self-expression and style. This popular style of dance is great for all dancers who want to have fun in a creative outlet where style, rhythm, and groove are explored.

Hip Hop

Our recreational classes are offered to inspire and keep children active in a fun and upbeat environment. With several dance styles to choose from we are sure we have something that your child will enjoy. Our programs are offered from September to June and our dancers enjoy a year-end recital. We have two viewing days throughout the year for parents to enjoy.

Hip Hop

Our pre-competitive dance team offers more performance experiences throughout the year as they participate in at least 1 performance in a Seniors home, Alberta Children’s hospital, Harlem Globetrotters, or a community event. They also participate in a Gala recital and year-end showcase. Students are required to take a minimum of two classes, with one being ballet to help develop their technique.

Hip Hop

Our competitive dance team trains more hours with three being our minimum and most train 6-8 hours per week allowing them to reach new levels of growth. By participating in four competitions, two performances, and two showcases these dancers experience dedication, determination, and bonding. Students are required to take a minimum of three dance classes, with one being ballet and technique.

Get a workout
and learn the latest moves

Our Hip Hop program at Soul Connexion combines today’s popular music while teaching the foundations of Hip Hop. This class begins with a high energy warm-up and then progresses into drills, grooves, and combos. Dancers are taught fun choreography and routines while improving coordination, isolations, and body awareness. Get ready for a workout and to learn the latest moves!


Hit the dance floor
and challenge yourself

Hip Hop is enjoyed by all ages as it encourages dancers to feel comfortable as they are. There are many styles of Hip Hop that allow dancers to explore expressions and attitudes as they learn body isolations, contractions, popping, locking, voguing, and animation. Hip Hop never gets old as new interpretations and ideas are explored.

Get ready to bust a move in style

Enjoy a hip hop class and challenge yourself mentally and physically as you hit the dance floor. We offer hip hop classes for all ages. New songs and inspiration will make you bust a move in style. Come as you are and learn new choreography. It’s time to try something new and enjoy a hip hop class.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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