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Dancing to the lyrics of a song allows children to express themselves in a creative outlet focusing on intention and emotion. Lyrical dancing is a beautiful blend of Jazz and Ballet bringing the heart and soul to the spotlight.

Feel it in your heart and dance
Express yourself through the lyrics

This choreography-based class gives movement to emotion by connecting the mind and body to the lyrics of a song. Lyrical dance combines ballet, modern dance techniques, and contemporary while challenging body strength and core stability. Students improve their musicality and build their performance skills each class. Our trained instructors focus on balance, leg extensions, and turns in a space where dancers are encouraged to explore and feel.


Master both strong technique
and performance skills

Students will focus on developing artistry and the use of emotion in dance using movements based off classical ballet and jazz. Utilizing expressiveness and attention to music and silence between music, students will aim to master both strong technique and performance skills. Students will learn to differentiate abstract movement and will learn how to demonstrate a combination of steps in choreography.

As the dancers progress, Intermediate students will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of technique and tricks and show proper technique of steps. Senior students will execute proper technique and will show a proficient demonstration of artistry linking movements together effortlessly. This beautiful style of lyrical dance is enjoyed by all.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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