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How to get started with Pointe
Find your balance with Pointe Dance classes

TThe beauty of dance is that we are always learning and improving. Pointe is an excellent opportunity for dancers to take their ballet to the next level. Dancers are assessed to participate in pointe and must be in at least one other ballet class.

Pointe is offered for dancers in Pre-Inter | Pointe I, Inter | Pointe II, and Sr | Pointe III levels.

On Pointe
Elevating your ballet experience

There’s something magical about the feeling of being fitted for your first pair of pointe shoes. This moment is often the highlight of many ballet dancers’ careers. In our Pointe program, dancers learn proper pointe technique, including barre and centre work. Each class focuses on body alignment, muscular strength, flexibility, placement, and fluidity of movement as students learn to dance on the tips of their toes.

Prerequisite: Dancer must be enrolled in a ballet class to register in Pointe. To ensure safety, this class is by invite only.

Dancers that start on Pointe will begin in Pointe I working on ankle strength, barre work, and balance.

Once completed level I, dancers will progress to level II moving across the floor and completing center floor work.

Pointe III is for dancers at Sr level that have developed solid technique and balance and can enjoy what this beautiful dance has to offer.


Work on posture,
technique, and strength

Dancers that demonstrate a solid technique, turn out and balance may be invited to join a pointe class. Achieving proper technique allows a dancer to excel in all disciplines of dance. Classes focus on improving body alignment, muscular strength, body flexibility, and fluidity of movement.

Ballet training is mandatory for all students participating in pointe and is a great option for those who want to work on posture, technique, and strength. Dancers need to be recommended for pointe, complete a foot assessment before registering for the class, and will purchase their dance shoes together as a class. We have three levels of pointe to ensure each dancer is working in a safe and appropriate level.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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