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Tap dance classes for all ages

How to get started with Tap
Get grooving with Tap dance classes

With rhythm and style, music and magic happen. Tap is the perfect class to explore that blends music and movement together. Tap classes are offered starting at age 3 in Tiny Tappers.


Our recreational classes are offered to inspire and keep children active in a fun and upbeat environment. With several dance styles to choose from we are sure we have something that your child will enjoy. Our programs are offered from September to June and our dancers enjoy a year-end recital. We have two viewing days throughout the year for parents to enjoy.


Our pre-competitive dance team offers more performance experiences throughout the year as they participate in at least 1 performance in a Seniors home, Alberta Children’s hospital, Harlem Globetrotters, or a community event. They also participate in a Gala recital and year-end showcase. Students are required to take a minimum of two classes, with one being ballet to help develop their technique.


Our competitive dance team trains more hours with three being our minimum and most train 6-8 hours per week allowing them to reach new levels of growth. By participating in four competitions, two performances, and two showcases these dancers experience dedication, determination, and bonding. Students are required to take a minimum of three dance classes, with one being ballet and technique.

Get connected with
coordination, rhythm, and style

Tap is the height of rhythm and style, ideal for getting funky, groovy, or just downright fast. This class focuses on connecting coordination with rhythm and style where students learn a combination of technical positioning, unique sounds, and rhythmic footwork.

Our experienced Tap instructors begin by teaching foundational steps to develop phrasing, rhythm, and coordination. Students progress with patterns and different tempos while dancing to a variety of music genres. This class is a great option for students who are musically inclined and love to move their feet!


What our dance families have to say
Words from a mom, who is a former dancer

“This dance studio is absolutely amazing. My daughter loves it here. We were at two studios prior to Soul Connexion and she is so happy here. The instructors really try to connect with the students. The director has clearly put her heart and soul into making the studio all that it is. All of the staff are warm, approachable and friendly. The instructors are nurturing, encouraging, patient, and such positive role models for my daughter, who genuinely looks up to them, and they take this role seriously. They really care about the students as a whole and inspire them to learn dance, but to also have a positive self-esteem and develop as people. I am proud when I tell people my daughter is part of Soul Connexion!”

What Makes us different

“I get attached to things easily so it was difficult for me to leave our last studio (especially because I’d danced there for years growing up myself). I remember saying to Brooklyn over and over after we’d moved to Soul Connexion what a great decision this was, and what a massive difference from the other place. She was young but saw it too. It’s hard for me to articulate the difference between the last studio and Soul Connexion. I noticed a massive difference immediately seeing the Director Miss Cara around the studio smiling and saying hi, clearly passionate about the dance studio, a massive difference in the teachers that were cheerful and enthusiastic to start class, and the staff up front who have always been so friendly and welcoming. It really changed everything for us in our dance journey. And Brooklyn still talks about Miss Emilie and is thankful she recommended her for the Pre-Competitive Dance Team.” – Brooklyn Hammer

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