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Tiny Singers classes

How to get started with Tiny Singers
Introduce your child to song and dance

If your child loves to sing when their favourite song comes on, this is a great way to develop their voice at a young age. With popular songs and creativity, this expressive class will energize your little singer.

Develop self confidence
through music and dance

In this fun and interactive musical theatre combo class, your child is encouraged to express themselves through movement and song. Students learn basic singing techniques with the fundamentals of dance, including jazz and ballet steps.

The goal of this class is for dancers to develop self confidence while showcasing their talent. With the help of our passionate and experienced instructors, your child will explore the world of fine arts where fun and magic are brought to life.


Tiny Singers classes

Inspire your child to find their voice
Start at an early age

Children are encouraged to discover their voices at an early age and use it in our tiny singers’ class which will also help them inside and outside of the studio.

Voice lessons, singing, and dancing can instill confidence at any age

If your child loves to sing when a song comes on and loves to express themselves, finding the perfect place for them to develop these skills is so important. Our fun and upbeat studio will instill confidence and creativity. Your child will learn to sing different tempos, express themselves, and feel the music.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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