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Tiny Tumblers dance classes

How to get started with Tiny Tumblers
Get grooving with Tiny Tumblers dance classes

Tiny Tumblers offers preschool-aged children 3-5 with the opportunity to have a new perspective upside down in a bridge and right side up as they jump for joy. Our Tiny Tumblers classes combine Jazz and Ballet with floor gymnastics.

Explore movement
Combine floor gymnastics with dance steps

Experience a class that allows your child to tumble and turn in our Tiny Tumblers class made for students 3-5 years of age. The class combines basic tumbling skills such as rolls, monkey kicks, and handstands in a safe and controlled environment. Our qualified teachers help your little one build coordination, strength, and balance while fostering imagination. Tiny Tumblers fuses basic floor gymnastics with dance steps that encourage your child to explore movement in a whole new way.


Let your child have it all
Combine Floor Gymnastics with Dance

We understand that children love to experience many different activities at a young age and we are here to help. Let your child enjoy the benefits of floor gymnastics with dance. This class is perfect for preschool-aged children to learn how to balance, skip, march, donkey kick, roll, and cartwheel.

Teaching kids strength at an early age

When we provide our dancers with a variety of activities and skills to master, we give them options to excel. Our classes are fun and engaging with the use of floor mats, hoops, scarves, parachutes, and ribbons. If your child likes to tumble and roll and also dances to music, allow them to explore our Tiny Tumblers class.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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