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Two’s N Tutus dance classes

How to get started with Two’s N Tutus
Get grooving with Two’s N Tutus classes

Toddlers that love to twirl and love tutus, will love this class. Our Twos ‘N’ Tutus is designed specifically for toddlers to introduce them to the world of dance through play, imagination, singing, and games.

Toddler Dance
If they can walk they can dance

This class is the perfect introduction for your little ballerina to master basic ballet steps. They’ll be brimming with excitement and feel a sense of pride in their Tutus while learning basic techniques, marching, twirling, and hopping. Each class finishes with games and fun for all the dancers to enjoy.


Two’s N Tutus dance classes

Dance is more than the steps
Let your toddler gain confidence and be one step ahead

Dance at this age is all about having fun and exploring their body and movements. Our upbeat classes incorporate fun songs and actions to keep the little ones engaged. If you have a two-year-old that is on the move, this is a great class for them.

Explore and discover dance today

Bring your toddler into this fun dance class where magic and memories will be enjoyed. From twirling to stretching and flying like a butterfly, this class will let your child be one step ahead. Let us give you a much-deserved break as we keep them entertained and engaged through dance.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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