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Boys only dance classes

Boys Dance Classes
Our studio offers all boys dance classes starting at age 3

We understand how boys learn and what they need to engage in. Set your boy up with coordination, style, and confidence while learning how to dance. Our high energy teachers make the classes fun and upbeat for them to move their feet.

Our boys only classes are full of energy
and are a lot of fun!

Geared towards boys ages 3-15, we offer Jazz and Hip Hop combo classes and Hip Hop only classes. Our passionate instructors create an atmosphere where boys feel comfortable learning new dance skills while making new friends along the way. Soul Connexion is a community where each of our dancers is encouraged and inspired to grow.

We teach our Boys Only class how to explode in the world of dance with vibrant qualities and expressive moves.

Our Boys Only classes are offered recreationally to maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is to let your child have a creative and active outlet where they will thrive in.

* Recommended based on skill level and age
* Level I must be completed before level II or recommended based on skill level and age


Boys only Classes
Why Boys should Dance

Not only are dance classes a great way to burn off energy, but dance will also develop their athleticism, coordination, and style.

Boys are also welcome to join all of our other dance classes in pre-competitive, competitive and annual – FYI we currently do not have an all-boys pre-comp or comp group but are exploring this.

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Dance, breathe, live.

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