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Junior dance classes

How to get started with Junior
Get grooving with Junior dance classes

Our Junior level dancers enjoy the variety of classes, styles, and teachers available. We understand that connection is so important at this age and we strive to make each dancer feel like they belong so they can be themselves and enjoy the many benefits of dance.

Enjoy, stay active, and learn new skills
Connecting with ourselves and living in the moment

Our Junior classes are ideal for children 10-12 years old. Whether your child has been dancing for years or has no prior dance experience, we have a class that is suitable for their age and level. We place each of our students in the appropriate class for them to learn comfortably and confidently.

* Recommended based on skill level and age
* Level I must be completed before level II or recommended based on skill level and age


Why connnection matters most
Providing encouragement along the way

Pre-teen dancers are exposed to many challenges and opportunities and our goal is to help them be comfortable with who they are and enjoy moving, staying active, and learning new skills. Our dance classes are carefully designed for each level of dancer to offer the best experience possible.

Enjoy the many benefits dance has to offer

Dance is proven to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. Providing your child with an opportunity to discover who they are and be comfortable with themselves is so important. We stretch, we move, we laugh and we create together. Dance is more than a sport and more than an art, it is about connecting with ourselves and living in the moment.

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