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Pre-Inter dance classes

How to get started with Pre-Inter
Dancing builds great character

Dancing is so great for the mind and body and we love working with our dancers 12-13 years of age in our Pre-Inter level. With the many styles and options to choose from we are confident there is a style for your child to enjoy and thrive in.

Encourage and inspire
Our pre-inter classes are ideal for children 11-13 years old

These classes are taught to encourage and inspire your child to grow their skills into the Intermediate level while allowing them to cultivate their passion for dance at their own pace. At Soul Connexion, we believe that at this age especially, children need support, mentorship, and a positive space where they can feel safe to express as they navigate their pre-teen years.

* Recommended based on skill level and age
* Level I must be completed before level II or recommended based on skill level and age


Dancing is so much fun
Dance, Breathe, Live

We know how important it is to provide a safe and encouraging environment so our dancers can thrive. We make our classes welcoming and inspiring to help your child have a community to belong to and an outlet to enjoy. We know that teenagers need to feel secure to thrive and we will do this for your teenager every step of the way whether they are enjoying a recreational or competitive dance class.

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