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Pre-Primary dance classes

How to get started with Pre-Primary
Get grooving with Pre-Primary dance classes

If your child loves to dance when music comes on and is 6-8 years of age, this level is for them. We offer many styles of dance for this age group and offer Pre Primary Classes in level I and level II. Dancers are accessed during the month of September to ensure proper placement.

Dance Classes
Choose from a variety of styles to enjoy and start your dancing journey

Pre-Primary classes are ideal for children 6-8 years old. This is one of our early stage dance class levels that offers your child an opportunity to explore the world of dance with steps that suit their age and physical capabilities.

* Recommended based on skill level and age
* Level I must be completed before level II or recommended based on skill level and age


Have fun and stay active
More than style and grace

It is not only the steps that the dancer will learn, but it is the lessons learned along the way. Dance is proven to help develop confidence and inspiration at a young age. We understand that kids want to try many activities and sports and have provided several class time options for convenience.

Options and opportunities for all

Children who love to dance may consider enrolling in a competitive class to take their dancing to the next level or sample it with our pre-competitive program gaining performance experience. Our dance studio provides great options and opportunities for dancers of all ages and interest levels. If your child loves to dance, meet new friends, and develop their creativity this is the perfect outlet for them.

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