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Senior dance classes

How to get started with Senior
Get grooving with Senior dance classes

Dancing becomes an expression and way of life at the Senior Level. Our Senior dancers work hard to achieve the technical elements and now focus on the performance aspect of dance. Through understanding the concept of each dance we encourage our dancers to take their performance to the next level.

Create through artistic movements
Inspire growth through the love of dance

Our senior classes for 16+ years old are the most advanced level of classes here at Soul Connexion. Senior students are challenged in each class to keep expanding and advancing their ability to execute and perform.

This is the moment in time where your dance becomes an effortless display of creative genius.

Our seniors love to dance and create through artistic movements. The multiple dance styles that are offered for our older students allow them to focus on the beauty of the movement that rewards the dancer with a sense of accomplishment and pride.


Senior level classes
recreational & competitive

At this level of dance, many of our students are extremely focused and love the nature of competition. Competitive dance classes offer each student the chance to show off their years of training by competing against other dancers at the same skill level.

* Recommended based on skill level and age
* Level I must be completed before level II or recommended based on skill level and age

Most of our classes are offered in both recreational and competitive formats. Recreational classes are designed to nurture your child’s love of dance, while our competitive classes foster discipline, strengthen performance skills, and build on technique.

Whichever route your child chooses, our certified instructors are sure to inspire growth through the love of dance!

If you are interested in competitive classes and want to learn more, one of our soul sisters at reception is always happy to help!

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