The right fit and style
Yoga attire for our programs

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable!
Experience Yoga at Soul Connexion

At Soul Connexion, we provide a safe space where you are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! If you’re new to Yoga and are wondering what attire is appropriate to wear, here are some guidelines to help you prepare for your Yoga class with us.

Dress to move

With whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable to move and stretch. You can wear a T-shirt, tank top, gym shorts, yoga pants, or sweats. We recommend fitted clothing that allows you to move and twist freely.

Dress for the class

Choose breathable material that will keep you cool and comfortable. Keep in mind that cotton absorbs moisture that might weigh you down during class.


Most people go barefoot as it helps with keeping a better grip on your mat and develops your balance. If you prefer not to go barefoot, you’re welcome to wear socks or special Yoga footwear.

Personal Items

You may store your personal belongings in the lockers provided.

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