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If you’re looking for flexible drop-in Yoga classes in Calgary, join our studio for a drop-in Yoga class. We offer drop-in Yoga classes to fit your schedule with no commitment required.

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Experience one of our drop-in Yoga classes with no pressure or obligation to register for a full program. Some of our classes include:

All Bodies Yoga

Our intention with this gentle class is to create a safe place for all shapes and sizes, allowing every individual to discover how Yoga can benefit them.

Beginner Yoga

This gentle class is a great introduction for beginners to learn basic poses and postures. Modifications are given to experienced students looking to challenge their skills.

Gentle Flow Yoga

A slower paced yoga class that will restore your inner balance, revitalize your body, relax the mind, and reduce stress.

Healing Yoga

This holistic approach to yoga is all about healing intentions – letting go of old stale energy and bringing in fresh new life, thoughts and perceptions.

Prenatal Yoga

This safe and welcoming class will allow you to de-stress, alleviate lower back pain, and help you achieve a high level of body awareness.

Restorative Yoga

Take some time to unwind, restore your mind/body balance, and release deeply-held tensions.

Self Love Yoga & Meditation

When you take care of yourself, you can take better care of the people you love. This gentle yoga class, followed by meditation, will lead you to a state of peaceful relaxation.

Yin Yoga

This practice is the perfect complement to all high octane activities such as running, cycling, and dancing. Discover stillness and deep stretches as you increase flexibility and mobility throughout the body.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Journey to the truth of your soul by exploring your own internal world to clearing your mind. Learn tools you can apply to everyday life – allowing you to experience more happiness and less stress.


No experience necessary
No commitment required

Whether you’re new to Yoga or you’re advanced, our intention is to provide our Yoga students with flexible drop-in classes in a comfortable environment where you can relax, ease your mind, and step away from the busyness to rejuvenate and find your centre.

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